End of Year Thanks


Wow what a year! We’ve built arches, benches, toilets for churches, beds for castles and urine separators to go all around the world, oh and we’ve supplied vegetables to the local community from our market garden. We could talk about those things, but in reality they are the side show. The real stars have been the people who’ve made all this possible. 


Billy Onions

Billy started at the beginning of the year at the market garden as an apprentice and he’s been so amazing that we've taken him on permanently. He’s not the classic early-rising farmer and likes a little lie-in but when he gets going he gives his all. This year in the garden we had an amazing year for onions and carrots and we'd like to give him complete credit for this and more.billy onions


Colin Broadbent

Colin is particular, fastidious and meticulous. Like a Shaolin monk, he's quietly built over 50 toilets this year, each one fitting together perfectly like a very large intricate 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It may appear that the wood standing around the toilets could be mistaken as scrap but he knows each and every piece and will notice any changes to the layout of his workshop :-)Colin


Dan Roberson

Dan came to the workshop 5 years ago for a job advertised as a cleaner. After a week he was building chairs and then he started carving with wood and oh boy, the furniture took a wild twist from then on. The incredible diversity of designs is stunning, from owl benches, to stag chairs and all the other fury animals and dragons in-between. Each piece is a work of art. Dan’s also an incredible talented fine artist.

dan roberson


Ben Francis 

Ben's the glue thats holds the workshop together. He’s in change of quality control, tool repair, stock ordering, and is actually the only person employed who is a qualified trained carpenter. But out of all his qualities the most impressive is that he’s a good father to two little girls. 

ben francis



Anth got thrown in at the deep end when he started. He joined as a gardener and expressed interest in working with wood, so we started him off on the most complicated bed we make. He aced that and has been making dream beds for clients ever since. He’ll happily work all day and then go out for a quick three hour cycle or a sub-zero surf.ant 


Charlie joined the team earlier this year when he found out we make funky furniture and was looking for a change. Since then he’s straightened out the workshop and organised every little corner (apart from Colin's). As well as the organising and the woodwork Charlie is also a cheeky little sparky who’s sorting out the shocking state of our electrics ..



Alice started helping Colin with the compost toilets two years ago. She’s one of the few people Colin allows in his workshop which is an acolyte by itself. Alice's wonderful laugh and beaming smile are wonderful additions to the bustling workplace. 



Martha is wonderful. As a mother of two she never seems to get flustered, with a kid under one arm and a box of separators under the other. martha



Gabi joined us a year ago to help with the backend admin and customer relations have never been so good :-)))) 



Thank you for all the hard work in 2022!

paul at free range designs